• Professional Development

    Featuring unmatched training and education opportunities for commercial inland marine insurance professionals.

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  • Advocacy

    Supporting the legislative & regulatory inland marine insurance causes and issues of common interest to our members companies.

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  • Reports and Information

    Access the IMUA library of white papers, briefs, articles and research reports for information on current issues and support in solving business problems.

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  • Our Mission

    Champion the interests of the inland marine industry and foster the education and development of industry professionals.

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  • About IMUA

    Founded in 1930, today IMUA represents 50 insurance company members, 35 associate members and over 3,000 industry professionls.

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All Access Education


IMUA is proud to introduce all-access, all-inclusive remote education — including unlimited new and archived webinars, seminars, courses and papers — for every member. Another shining example of the benefits of membership and our commitment to IMUA members' professional development.
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