On the Move - an IMUA Podcast

Each episode, inland marine professionals sit down with us to share their insights and experience. We discuss industry topics such as career development, technical issues, and how to keep a healthy work/life balance. We hope you enjoy!

Interviews with IMUA

AAIS Inland Marine Market Interview
April 2022
AAIS CEO Ed Kelly discusses the latest issues in the inland marine with Kevin O’Brien, President & CEO of IMUA, and Jessica Frankovich, Executive Vice President for Custom Property & Inland Marine at Seneca Insurance, who also serves as Chair of the IMUA.


AAIS Inland Marine Market Interview
February 2020
In this AAIS Advisory Report, AAIS President and CEO Ed Kelly speaks with Kevin O’Brien, President & CEO of IMUA, as well as Rich Soja, the Global Head of Inland Marine at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, about the current state of the market and what they see in the future.


Profiles in Risk - Episode 140
February 2019
In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Nick Lamparelli, Partner & Chief Evangelist at Insurance Nerds, spoke with Kevin O'Brien, President of the Inland Marine Underwriters Association (IMUA) to discuss the benefits of a professional organization for inland marine professionals.


IMUA Launches All Access Education!
IMUA is proud to introduce all-access, all-inclusive remote education — including unlimited new and archived webinars, seminars, courses and papers — for every member. Another shining example of the benefits of membership and our commitment to IMUA members' professional development.