Inland Issues: November 2015

Telematics and the Art of Equipment Security 
Telematics is more than a productivity tool for equipment owners. It's an excellent way for contractors to keep equipment safe and secure. Telematics integrates telecommunications and machine operating information so users can monitor the location, movements, status, and health of equipment and vehicles. It's typically made possible through . . . >
 Transporting Wind Turbines
  A Growing Wind Energy Industry 
  Depends on Freight Rail
  The logistics of transporting wind turbines is one 
  of the biggest challenges the wind energy industry
  faces. Without question, freight rail is uniquely  
  suited to deliver . . . >
 Predictive Analytics:
 Big Data is Making a Splash
 in the Insurance Industry 
  There's conflicting opinions on when the term 
  Big Data really came onto the scene, but it is 
  undeniable that its notoriety has skyrocketed in 
  the past few years. Big Data has become the hot 
  topic buzzword . . . >    

 Faulty Workmanship:
 Will Builders Risk Get "LEGs"? 
  It can be very complicated to figure out from a pile
  of rubble whether a construction loss resulted from
  an insured peril or from faulty workmanship . . . >
 Transportation in the Chain 
 of Custody: Recognition  
 and Responsible Approaches
  Protecting the U.S. food supply has become an
  issue of significant importance to those . . . > 

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