Fine Art

  1. Evaluating Risk in the Transportation and Storage of Fine Art
    Unique exposures and risk management strategies to mitigate loss.
  2. Accurately Valuing and Insuring Jewelry 
    There are key coverage issues to be aware of when insuring fine jewelry.  This session covers items like retail value vs. cost   of production, pairs and sets clauses and jewelry salvage.
  3. Wine Collection Overview: Don’t Make Pour Decisions 
    Whether it's for investment purposes or it's just a passionate hobby, wine cellars are filling up everywhere. Values can be quite high, proper insurance and risk management can mitigate the risk.
  4. Fine Art and Cultural Property: Theft, Fraud and Loss Prevention 
    Theft and fraud present a big risk in the high value art market. This webinar utilizes some case studies to illustrate the various parties involved in and repercussions of theft and fraud. Strategies for loss prevention are presented.
  5. Auction Houses - A Look Behind the Curtain: Unique Risks and Underwriting Concerns
    The art market is red hot and auction houses are where the action is. Auction house operations present unique risks for the fine art underwriter.
  6. Fine Art Conversion 
    An inside look at fraudulent business dealings within the art market that can affect investors, collectors, dealers, galleries-and of course insurance companies.

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