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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Establishing PML with a Focus on Builders Risk

Start Date: 9/13/2022 2:00 PM EDT
End Date: 9/13/2022 3:30 PM EDT

AL  United States 

Event Website: www.imua.org

Organization Name: IMUA

Allie Monreale
Email: alliem@imua.org
Phone: (212) 233-0550

Probable Maximum Loss (PML) is a property loss control term referring to the maximum loss expected at a given location in the event of a fire/total loss.  It is expressed in dollars or as a percentage of total values.
This informative webinar will demonstrate how underwriters must analyze the builders risk project through its various construction phases.  The project values and time expected to complete the project will involve variables unique to the project.  It will include:
- Developing PML and the impact on capacity and pricing
- The idea of foresight over hindsight with PML
- Current issues: Supply Chain, COVID Pandemic and the Ukraine Crisis
- Renovation vs. new construction
- Case studies

Presented by:
Terrence Kadlec, P.E.
Director Special Projects, Envista Forensics
Sharon Primerano
Inland Marine, Construction & Equipment Lead, AIG


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