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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Wildfire Risk and Climate Change: Update and Forecast for Inland Marine

Start Date: 3/6/2024 2:00 PM EST
End Date: 3/6/2024 3:15 PM EST

Event Website: www.imua.org

Organization Name: IMUA

Allie Monreale
Email: alliem@imua.org
Phone: (212) 233-0550

Climate change is a growing concern as it relates to natural hazards and property damage/infrastructure disruption.   Drought and persistent heat set the stage for extraordinary wildfire seasons in recent years.  Increases in temperatures and the thirst of the atmosphere due to human--caused climate change have increased aridity of forest fuels during the fire season.

Research suggests a continued increase in fire risk and a longer fire season due to the changing climate.  This session will focus on the wildfire hazard in the U.S., future projections and the impact on inland marine insurance exposures.

Presented by:
Dr. Tom Jeffery
Senior Hazard Scientist

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