Builder's Risk, Installation & Rigging

  1. Mitigating Risk in Wood Frame Construction
    The session focuses on underwriting concerns and safeguarding construction, alteration and demolition operations.
  2. Builders Risk Guide to Loss Prevention
    One of the keys to writing profitable builders risk insurance is to make sure there are effective loss prevention strategies in place at the project site. This webinar highlights prime areas of emphasis for consideration by the underwriter.
  3. Builders Risk: Faulty Workmanship LEG/DE Provisions
    Coverage for faulty workmanship in a builders risk policy is typically excluded. The London Engineering Group developed a tiered approach to excluding or providing coverage for losses arising from faulty workmanship: LEG1, 2, and 3.  This webinar will help you understand the dynamics of these endorsements.
  4. Builders Risk & Related Tax Credits
    Tax credits can be an important component of a builders risk project. This session will provide a look at the issues underwriters should be aware of regarding types of projects and related tax credits.
  5. Installation Floaters 101: Coverage issues, Installation vs. Builders Risk and Riggers Liability
    The underwriting of installation floaters involves many of the same considerations entailed in builders risk underwriting. Learn the key coverage differences and when either form should be applied.
  6. Rigging 101
    This webinar focuses on the basics of rigging--operations, exposures and underwriting concerns.
Builder's Risk

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