Benefits of Membership

IMUA is the national trade association devoted exclusively to the commercial inland marine marketplace. The Association provides its members with comprehensive training and education programs, including research papers, news articles, industry analysis, seminars, webinars, and the impact of legislative and regulatory issues.

To find out more about the benefits of company membership in IMUA,  please look at IMUA's Benefits of Membership  or for information on regarding invidual benefits, please read IMUA's  Individual Benefits of Membership Brochure.

Please  e-mail Lillian Colson ,Vice President & Secretary, or call Kevin O’Brien, President & CEO of IMUA, at (212) 233-0550 for additional information.

IMUA Launches All Access Education!
IMUA is proud to introduce all-access, all-inclusive remote education — including unlimited new and archived webinars, seminars, courses and papers — for every member. Another shining example of the benefits of membership and our commitment to IMUA members' professional development.