IMUA is committed to enhancing the professional development of our industry professionals. We accomplish that objective by providing a full curriculum of training & education events including seminars, webinars and classes on topics of interest to the commercial inland marine insurance industry.

IMUA depends on volunteers to present these events. One of our greatest needs (also one of the best sources of development and satisfaction for our volunteers) is finding individuals with an interest and capacity to teach classes and/or make presentations (via webinars/seminars).

If you possess subject matter expertise in any of the primary commercial inland marine lines of business, and you have an interest/willingness to share that expertise with other industry professionals, please contact:

Eileen Monreale,
Training & Education Specialist

IMUA Launches On The Move podcast!
Each episode, inland marine professionals sit down with us to share their insights and experience. We discuss industry topics such as career development, technical issues, and how to keep a healthy work/life balance. Check it out here!